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spells (p.2)

Spell to find a lost object

How many times have you ripped your room apart trying to find something at the last minute? In the magick circle, the North is the place of manifestation. This compass point is where energy from the universe joins with that of the Earth plane. In ritual, your circle is a barrier, allowing only the energies you specify to come inside. If you wish to manifest something on the Earth plane, use the vortex of the north to help you by raising the right king of energy inside the circle.

    Sometimes though, when we lost something and we’re in a hurry, there isn’t any time to cast a magick circle, call the North quarter, and then voice our request. So here’s a little spell to help you when time is of the essence and you’ve got to find your homework before the bus (or your ride) takes you to school.

Stand facing North. Take a deep breath and imagine that you are one with the universe. Hold your right hand in the air, a little above your head with your palm up. Visualize in your mind exactly what you lost. If you can’t visualize very well, imagine how you will feel when you find the object. Keeping the picture of feeling in your mind, say in an authoritative way:
”Wolves and fairies, dragons and ghosts
I’ve lost the thing that I need most.
My [
tell the thing you’ve lost] is gone, it must be found
Whether lost above or below the ground.
Bring it back as quick as can be
As I will, so mote it be!”

Keep looking for the lost object, allowing you intuition to guide you. Above all, don’t panic or get frustrated. If, after a few minutes of looking, you haven’t found the lost object, repeat the spell. Each object you own does carry your signature energy and can find its way home if the universe is in agreement. If the object doesn’t turn up quickly, practice this spell every morning or evening for seven days. If you haven’t found your possession after seven days, it may well be that it decided to take a vacation or find a new owner. Hey, it happens! Remember this: Things are just things, after all.



Spell to help a friend who’s down

This is a wonderful spell for a friend or family member going through a bad patch, especially if they mention they’ve been having trouble sleeping at night. Physical exercise, eating properly, and daily meditations can also help, as can being creative-drawing, painting, signing, playing music, writing poetry, or short stories, etc. If the condition becomes chronic, through, they should take a trip to the doctor.


You will need:
- some paper and a pen
- A small purple bag
- A teaspoon of crushed lavender
- A bit of crushed rosemary
 Some ribbon or needle and thread (purple, preferably)

-  A dab of your favorite oil or perfume


Write the name of the person you want to help (this might be yourself) on a slip of paper. Fill the bag with the herbs and add the paper slip. Tie or sew the open end of the bag shut. Put a drop of the oil or perfume on the bag. Crush the bag in both hands, and say:
”black Swan, take me on your dark wings
Gliding through your dream-veiled door
Across the blackened pond of sleep
Past shadows to the Dream Time shore.


“Safely sleeping as I travel
Over waters of the mind

And in the magick of my dreaming

I leave my problems far behing.


“Black Swan, guide me as I’m waking

Carry me in comfort home
And when I wake reveal the mystery

Then every answer will be known.”

Place the dream sachet under your/your friends pillow to enjoy a pleasant night’s sleep! Renew every thirty days. You can use the bad contained in your kit if sleep assistance is temporary.



Spell for dealing with death

Wiccan witches believe that when a person (or a pet) passes away, they still have the ability that there is a truly wonderful place beyond our realms of understanding called the Summerland, where we go when we leave this world to recover, learn and wait until we return once again.



When dealing with death, we need a sense of closure. It is thought that there is a resting time from death until the person is able to communicate with you. This time can be as short as a few days or may last several months. Eventually, you may have a dream that they are okay, or receive a gift that reminds you of the deceased, or suddenly think of them out of the blue. In truth, they are communicate with you.
    First, light a candle (the person’s favorite color) or place flowers (the kind that they liked best) on a table and lay your magickal pentacle pendant around the candle or over the flowers. Have a box of tissues ready-it is perfectly healthy to cry. Cast your magick circle and then sit in the center of it. Say the person’s name three times, then read the following prayer:

“You have gone and now I wonder
Why it is you must depart.
And even through you’re just a memory
Your spark of life is in my heart.
No tears or wishing brings you back,
No hope can change this plan of time.
I must wait as you go onward
Into those Summerlands divine.
The Sun in this world, where you left me,
Rises, shining, then descends,
Setting in the western quarter,
Yet soon to come back up again.
Within your land there is no shadow

And love eternal never dies.
I know you’re with me every moment
Even through this brief goodbye.”

This moving prayer was written by David O. Norris. It should, hopefully, help you to get through the separation that we perceive is caused by death.
    If you can, let the candle burn right down until there is nothing left. If your parents say that you are not allowed to have candles, then perhaps they will sit with you light the taper and read the poem with you aloud. Death is, after all, meant to bring us all closer together.



Spell for courage

It isn’t easy to be strong. Sometimes it is so tough we’re not sure we can make it, but we do. If you need a bit of courage, then the Aries Moon might have that extra oomph you require. In the Zodiac the animal symbol for courage is Leo, the stately, regal lion, so you need a picture of lion for this spell. Now, this isn’t a spell to use if someone is daring you to do something. We’re too smart for that because we know that when people dare us to do something, they are really trying to control our behavior (since they aren’t very good at controlling their own). A dare is a bullying tactic, and Witches don’t go there! This spell is designed to help us when we need to tell the truth about something, or face our friend and tell him or her we don’t do drugs-that king of courage.


You will need:
- A picture of a lion
- A red pencil
- A rubber band


Take the picture of the lion and wrap it tightly around a red pencil. Secure with a rubber band. Hold the pencil in your hands and say:

“Every action has reaction.

Every problems has solution.
Every thought can be manifest.

The courage of the lion in me.
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

So mote it be!”

Say the spell as many times as it takes for you to believe it! Keep the pencil with you to fill you with courage, and renew the spell every thirty days until you no longer feel you need help.