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season seven

"A Call to Arms"
Episode 135

Writer: Brad Kern
Director: James L. Conway
Air Date: 09/12/04, 10/14/2004, 03/20/05

Synopsis: Reeling from the loss of their future son Chris, an overprotective Piper and Barbas (Bill Drago) -obsessed Leo are forced by Phoebe and Paige to attend a Hindu wedding, where they inadvertently receive the powers of the Hindu's Ultimate Lovers, Shakti, the Goddess of Creation and her lover, Shiva, the God of Destruction. In order to save the universe from destruction, Phoebe and Piper must keep Leo and Piper from consummating their love. Meanwhile, Leo's obsession with vanquishing Barbas clouds his judgement, and a disembodied creature tricks him into killing an Elder. Feeling out of sorts, Phoebe decides to take a sabbatical from her advice column and is shocked to learn that her replacement is a guy, Leslie St. Claire (Nick Lachey), whom she is attracted to due to the spell on Piper and Leo. Paige, upset over the Magic School closing, decides to fight to keep it open.

"The Bare Witch Project"
Episode 136

Writer: Jeannine Renshaw
Director: John Kretchmer
Air Date: 09/19/04, 03/20/05

Synopsis: Paige almost loses her fight to save the Magic School when a bored student accidentally conjures Lady Godiva (Kristen Miller) and Lord Dyson (Maury Sterling), an evil land baron who feeds off humans' repressed emotions. The Charmed Ones, with the help of Leo, must stop Lord Dyson from killing Lady Godiva before she can go back in time to complete her ride. Meanwhile, Phoebe feels that Les (Nick Lachey) is incapable of writing an advice column for women. After Piper is scolded for breastfeeding in a cafe, Phoebe tests Les' advice by asking for his views on breastfeeding in an anonymous letter to "Ask Phoebe." Later, Phoebe, inspired by Lady Godiva, decides to ride naked through a crowded street in support of women's liberation.

"Cheaper By The Coven"
Episode 137

Writer: Mark Wilding
Director: Derek Johansen
Air Date: 09/26/04, 10/28/04, 03/27/05

Synopsis: Against Piper's wishes, Paige and Phoebe summon Grams (Jennifer Rhodes) for Chris's wiccaning. To put an end to the brother's sibling rivalry, Grams puts a spell on them, but in the process turns the sisters back to bickering teenagers. Meanwhile, Leo consults a demonic seer (Charisma Carpenter) to find out who attacked Wyatt and learns that he has a connection to Wyatt's attacker, and Phoebe attends an award ceremony with Les (Nick Lachey), only to end up acting like a love-struck teenager.

Episode 138

Writer: Cameron Litvack
Director: Mel Damski
Air Date: 10/03/04, 11/04/04, 03/27/05

Synopsis: On a search to find witches who have been disappearing, Paige encounters Captain Black Jack Cutting (Harve Presnell), an infamous 18th century pirate who is searching for the Fountain of Youth to reverse a curse that causes him to age but never die. When the pirate transfers the curse to Paige, Phoebe and Piper must break into a museum to steal the golden chalice, which makes the Fountain of Youth come to life. Meanwhile, Leslie (Nick Lachey) manipulates the outcome of a "Win a Date with Phoebe" contest so that he and Phoebe can go out; Leo continues to fight the voice of the creature that caused him to kill an Elder; and the sisters' secret is compromised when the mysterious Federal Agent Brody (Kerr Smith), comes to town to investigate them.

"Styx Feet Under"
Episode 139

Writer: Henry Olonso Myers
Director: Stuart Gillard
Air Date: 10/10/04, 11/11/04, 12/05/04, 04/17/05

Synopsis: When a demon, Sirk (Zack Ward) tries to destroy his human half by killing off his remaining blood relatives, Paige casts a spell that inadvertently blocks all death from occurring. Annoyed that he now has a back-log of work, the Angel of Death (Simon Templeman) insists that the Charmed Ones help him clean up the mess and "kills" Piper so she can help him restore the Grand Design. Piper is alarmed when she sees that Phoebe's name is next on the list of souls to be taken. Meanwhile, Agent Brody (Kerr Smith) reveals that he has been on the Halliwell's trail for years, and Phoebe faces her feelings for Leslie (Nick Lachey).

"Once in a Blue Moon"
Episode 140

Writer: Erica Messer & Debra J. Fisher
Director: John Kretchmer
Air Date: 10/15/04. 12/12/04, 04/24/05

Synopsis: The Elder's suspicion of Leo causes them to assign a new Whitelighter (TJ Thyne) to the girls. However, when the new Whitelighter is nearly killed by beasts, the Elders blame the attack on Leo. Trying to prove Leo's innocence, Piper, Phoebe and Paige discover that the beasts are actually The Charmed Ones' themselves, transformed by a blue moon. Meanwhile, Agent Brody (Kerr Smith) learns Paige's secret and informs her of a powerful new threat, and Phoebe and Leslie (Nick Lachey) discuss their feelings before saying goodbye.

"Someone To Watch Over Me"
Episode 141

Writer: Rob Wright
Director: John Pare
Air Date: 10/31/04, 12/26/04

Synopsis: Agent Brody (Kerr Smith) convinces Paige to help him solve a mysterious string of accidents, only to discover that the demon Sarpedon (Neil Hopkins) is capturing innocents' Guardian Angels and using them to protect himself from the forthcoming threat of a New Power. Meanwhile, Piper and Phoebe convince Leo to go on a Vision Quest to face his demons. While on his Quest, Leo finds guidance from his son Chris (Drew Fuller), but awakens to find Piper and Phoebe killed by Sarpedon. An Avatar, part of the New Power, offers to bring them back to life if Leo turns over his free will. The Donnas perform at P3.

"Charmed Noir"
Episode 142

Writer: Curtis Kheel
Director: Michael Grossman
Air Date: 11/14/04, 01/02/05, 05/29/05

Synopsis: While investigating a murder at Magic School, Paige and Agent Brody are sucked into an unfinished novel written 20 years ago by two students. They suddenly find themselves in a 1930s film noir, where they are chased by gangsters in pursuit of the famed Burmese Falcon. With no way to escape, Paige and Brody must help Eddie Mullen (Bug Hall), the missing young author of the novel, learn to be a hero so the story can end. Back at Magic School, Phoebe, Piper and Leo frantically try to rescue Paige and Brody by writing clues into the pages of the novel. Meanwhile, Phoebe tries to help Leo win Piper back, but Piper is still struggling with her feelings.

"Death Becomes Them"
Episode 143

Writer: Curtis Kheel
Director: John Kretchmer
Air Date: 05/15/05, 06/26/05

Synopsis: Zankou's (Oded Feher) plan to make the sisters vulnerable so that he can take control of the Book of Shadows starts to work when Phoebe is left guilt-ridden after a classmate is brutally killed in front of her and comes back from the dead to blame her. Also part of Zankou's plan, Paige is devastated when she finds her new charge dead and realizes she was powerless to save her. Realizing that Zankou was behind the deaths, Piper, Phoebe and Paige go after the Alchemist (John Kassir), who is helping Zankou, and are confronted by all the undead innocents they were unable to save over the last seven years, allowing Zankou to take the Book of Shadows without the sisters knowing. Meanwhile, Darryl is put in a compromising position when he has to choose between protecting the sisters or working with Inspector Sheridan (Jenya Lano), who is regaining her memory and is determined to connect the Charmed Ones to the unsolved disappearances.

"Witchness Protection"
Episode 144

Writer: Jeannine Renshaw
Director: David Jackson
Air Date: 11/28/04, 03/13/05, 05/22/05

Synopsis: The Avatars insist that Leo protect the Seer (Charisma Carpenter) because she has information that can help them destroy the demons. Meanwhile, Agent Brody shares his darkest secret with Paige, bringing them closer together; and Phoebe and Lt. Morris become more suspicious of Agent Brody.

"Ordinary Witches"
Episode 145

Writer: Mark Wilding
Director: Jonathan West
Air Date: 01/16/05, 03/13/05, 06/05/05

Synopsis: Still not completely sure that the Avatars mean well, Piper agrees to switch powers with Phoebe so that she too can see Phoebe's premonition of a utopian world. During the spell, Zankou (Oded Fehr), the most powerful demon in the underworld, senses the girls' vulnerability and attacks them, accidentally transferring their powers to innocent bystanders, who run amok with their new abilities. Meanwhile, Brody's (Kerr Smith) desire to kill Leo and the Avatars prompts Paige to take Brody on a journey back to his childhood when his parents were killed so that he can learn the truth. Finally, the Elders learn Leo's true identity.

"Extreme Makeover: World Edition"
Episode 146

Writer: Cameron Litvack
Director: LeVar Burton
Air Date: 01/23/05, 05/08/05, 07/03/05

Synopsis: While the Avatars prepare to transform the world into a Utopia, they inform the Charmed Ones that the human world must be put to sleep so that they can kill any remaining demons. Brody (Kerr Smith), doubting the Avatars good intentions, calls the Elders for help but is instead kidnapped by Zankou (Oded Fehr) and agrees to help Zankou stop the change by placing a paranoia spell on Piper, Phoebe and Paige. During the Utopian transformation, Brody uses Paige's paranoia to attract and kill an Avatar. However, Brody pays a high price for his actions.

Episode 147

Writer: Henry Alonso Myers
Director: John Kretchmer
Air Date: 01/30/05, 04/03/05, 06/05/05

Synopsis: While the Charmed Ones enjoy their new conflict-free world, Leo learns that in order for the Avatars to protect their Utopian world, they also control everyone's destiny by deciding who lives and dies. Wanting to stop the Avatars, Leo joins forces with Zankou (Oded Fehr) to undo the change. Unable to convince Piper, Phoebe and Paige that the Avatars kill innocent people, Leo gives his life, causing the sisters' to join forces with Zankou to reverse time and return the world to the way it was. Finally, Paige receives a special surprise and Leo's fate relies on the Elders.

"Carpe Demon"
Episode 148

Writer: Curtis Kheel
Director: Stuart Gillard
Air Date: 02/13/05, 04/03/05, 07/17/05

Synopsis: When Paige attempts to hire a new professor for Magic School, she learns that one of the candidates, Drake (Billy Zane), is an ex-demon who made a deal with a demonic Sorcerer (Sebastian Roche) to become human. In an attempt to convince the sisters of his good intentions, Drake transforms himself into Robin Hood to help them see that life is not so bad. However, the Sorcerer vying for Drake's powers casts a spell on him causing Drake to believe he really is Robin Hood. Convinced that Phoebe is "Maid Marion" and the corrupt owner of the phone company is the evil "Prince John," Drake takes him hostage, causing a media frenzy. Meanwhile, Piper can't enjoy Valentine's Day knowing that Leo's fate is in the hands of the Elders.

"Show Ghouls"
Episode 149

Writer: Erica Messer & Debra J. Fisher and Rob Wright
Director: Mel Damski
Air Date: 02/20/05, 04/10/05, 07/24/05

Synopsis: When Inspector Morris fears his friend Mike (Charlie Robinson), is possessed, Phoebe, Paige and Drake (Billy Zane) discover that Mike had been working close to a site where a cabaret was destroyed in a fire in 1899, killing hundreds of people. The spirit of one of the victims is using Mike to plead for help on behalf of all the Lost Souls who are trapped in the cabaret, forced to relive that night for eternity. However, when Phoebe and Drake transport themselves back in time to the night of the fire, they get stuck in the 1899. Meanwhile, Piper, fearing that Leo will be taken away from her, convinces him to take a family vacation; and Paige impersonates Phoebe.

"The Seven Year Witch"
Episode 150

Writer: Jeannine Renshaw
Director: Michael Grossman
Air Date: 04/10/05, 06/12/05

Synopsis: Already stressed out awaiting word on Leo's fate, Piper is attacked by demons and ends up in a coma. Stuck in the cosmic void between life and death, Piper's spirit is surprised to find Cole (Julian McMahon) waiting for her and even more surprised when he tells her that he is there to help keep her and Leo together, which he hopes will restore Phoebe's faith in love. Meanwhile, the Council puts Leo to the test by stripping him of his powers and memory and placing him in an unknown location in hopes that his heart will guide him to his true destiny, whether it is to be with his family or the Greater Good. As Phoebe, Paige and Darryl search for Leo, Drake (Billy Zane) does one last good deed before his time is up.

"Scry Hard "
Episode 151

Writer: Andy Reaser and Doug E. Jones
Director: Derek Johansen
Air Date: 04/17/05, 06/12/05, 08/07/05

Synopsis: Zankou (Oded Feher) sends his underlings to attack Leo in hopes of luring the sisters out of their house so that he can search for the Nexus and release the Shadow, the ultimate power. Terrified after witnessing demons attack his parents, Wyatt magically shrinks Piper and Leo and traps them inside a dollhouse for their protection. Unable to stop Zankou from releasing the Shadow, Phoebe, Paige and Piper watch as Leo, the only neutral territory, absorbs the Shadow. Meanwhile, Phoebe is left in charge of the paper, Paige feels the need to spread her wings, and Leo gets an offer he can't refuse. Collective Soul performs at P3.

"Little Box of Horrors"
Episode 152

Writer: Cameron Litvack
Director: Jon Pare
Air Date: 02/24/05, 06/17/05, 08/14/05

Synopsis: The Charmed Ones are in a race against time when the mythological Pandora's Box falls into the hands of Katya (Michelle Hurd), a shapeshifting demon who intends to open the box and fill the world with all of its sorrows. Phoebe and Piper try to find Hope (Brooke Nevin), the Guardian who can return any released evil spirits to the box. In their efforts to protect Hope, the sisters engage in an intense fight with Katya. Meanwhile, a ringing in Paige's ears sends her on her first Whitelighter mission, and Leo becomes at stay-at-home dad, experiencing Wyatt's terrible twos first-hand.

"Freaky Phoebe"
Episode 153

Writer: Mark Wilding
Director: Michael Grossman
Air Date: 05/01/05, 06/17/05, 08/21/05

Synopsis: After a spell is cast on Phoebe by a power-hungry sorceress, Imara (Suzanne Krull), their souls switch bodies and Phoebe ends up a prisoner in the Underworld. Armed with Phoebe's identity and power, Imara attempts to gain control of the Underworld by weakening Zankou (Oded Feher), destroying his lieutenants and plotting to kill the Charmed Ones. Phoebe escapes from prison in Imara's body, but Piper and Paige vanquish her, not realizing that it was Phoebe's soul inside. Meanwhile, Paige is left in a quandary when Mitchell (Seamus Dever), her first charge as a Whitelighter, refuses her help and appears to have been lost to the dark side.

"Imaginary Fiends"
Episode 154

Writer: Henry Alonso Myers
Director: Jonathan West
Air Date: 05/08/05, 06/26/05

Synopsis: Unbeknownst to the Charmed Ones, baby Wyatt's (Kristopher and Jason Simmons) new "imaginary" friend is actually the demon Vicus (Marcus Chait), who is trying to win Wyatt's trust to turn him evil. Piper casts a spell to be able to understand baby Wyatt, but inadvertently brings 25-year-old Wyatt (Wes Ramsey) back from the future. When Vicus places a curse on baby Wyatt, the effects are seen immediately in future Wyatt, who physically transforms into a darker version of his previous self. Evil and powerful, future Wyatt kidnaps baby Wyatt so that the sisters can not convert him back to good. Meanwhile, before future Wyatt leaves, he gives Phoebe, Paige, Piper and Leo insight into the future.

"Something Wicca This Way Goes"
Episode 156

Writer: story by Brad Kern and Rob Wright, teleplay by Brad Kern
Director: James L. Conway
Air Date: 05/22/05, 07/10/05

Synopsis: With the Book of Shadows finally in his possession, Zankou (Oded Feher) plans to open the Spiritual Nexus and take in the power of the Shadow. To divert Zankou's attention away from the Nexus, Piper, Phoebe and Paige successfully goad him into coming after them instead. Using a spell from the Book of Shadows, Zankou steals Phoebe's premonition power, which enables him to anticipate and thwart their attacks. The sisters come to the realization that the only way to stop Zankou may be to sacrifice themselves. Meanwhile, Agent Keyes (Glenn Morshower) from Homeland Security reveals to Inspector Sheridan (Jenya Lano) his suspicions about the The Charmed Ones involvement with the supernatural. Sheridan volunteers to go into the Halliwell manor with a micro-video recorder and ends up blowing the sisters' secret wide open.