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season three

"The Honeymoon's Over (Season Premiere)"
Episode 45

Writer: Brad Kern
Director: Jim Conway
Air Date: 10/05/00, 12/07/00

Synopsis: Alternative rock band Barenaked Ladies ("One Day") perform in a season opener that finds Prue feeling a little jumpy now that they know the Evil Triad was behind most the attacks of the past two years, plus Piper has left her and Phoebe one power of three short since she disappeared with Leo (Brian Krause). After witnessing a murder, the two witches must lie on the stand in order to protect their identity, inadvertently setting a killer free and endangering the life of Assistant District Attorney Cole Turner (new cast member Julian McMahon). Meanwhile, when Piper and Leo finally do return, they are distraught over the sobering reality that they can no longer be together.

"Magic Hour"
Episode 46

Writer: Chris Levinson and Zack Estrin
Director: John Behring
Air Date: 10/12/00, 12/21/00

Synopsis: Piper tries to secretly plan her wedding to Leo without the Powers That Be finding out and quashing their plans of defiance with unspeakable wrath. Meanwhile, Piper, Prue and Phoebe must help two young lovers kept apart by a sorcerer's curse and try to find a way to prevent the couple from sacrificing themselves in order to break the spell once and for all.

"Once Upon a Time"
Episode 47

Writer: Krista Vernoff
Director: Joel Feigenbaum
Air Date: 10/19/00, 1/04/01, 6/07/01

Synopsis: In order to save a little girl's life, Prue and Phoebe must revert to a time of innocence when they believed in mystical worlds filled with fairies and trolls. Meanwhile, devastated over everything that happened with Leo, Piper stubbornly goes on strike from The Powers That Be.

"All Halliwell's Eve"
Episode 48

Writer: Sheryl J. Anderson
Director: Anson Williams
Air Date: 10/26/00, 6/28/01

Synopsis: The power of All Hallow's Eve transports Prue, Phoebe and Piper mysteriously back to colonial Virginia - not such a great time to be a witch - to help a coven in danger of extinction and protect their own futures.

"Sight Unseen"
Episode 49

Writer: William Schmidt
Director: Perry Lang
Air Date: 11/02/00, 3/01/01, 7/05/01

Synopsis: After the manor is burglarized, Prue, Phoebe and Piper become obsessed with learning more about the elusive evil force that is hunting them. Dorian Gregory, also stars.

"Primrose Empath"
Episode 50

Writer: Daniel Cerone
Director: Mel Damski
Air Date: 11/09/00, 3/08/01

Synopsis: Phoebe and Piper are on a mission to save Prue after a spell to save an innocent horribly backfires and she is given the unwanted gift of feeling all the pain in the world and the cacophony of human emotion will most certainly crush her.

"Power Outage"
Episode 51

Writer: Monica Breen & Alison Schapker
Director: Craig Zisk
Air Date: 11/16/00, 3/29/01, 8/02/01

Synopsis: Cole uses petty anger between Prue, Phoebe and Piper to break their bond and destroy the very foundation of their powers, leaving the sisters defenseless against attack.

"Sleuthing With The Enemy"
Episode 52

Writer: Peter Hume
Director: Noel Nosseck
Air Date: 12/14/00, 4/05/01

Synopsis: After Prue, Phoebe and Piper learn that Cole is the demon that has been trying to kill them, Phoebe faces the tough decision of killing the man she loves or defying her sisters by letting him go free.

"Coyote Piper"
Episode 53

Writer: Krista Vernoff
Director: Chris Long
Air Date: 1/11/01, 4/12/01

Synopsis: Piper is consumed with insecurities over her impending 10-year high school reunion, but when a she-demon unexpectedly takes possession, Piper turns very "Coyote Ugly" and it is up to Prue and Phoebe to save the day.

"We All Scream For Ice Cream"
Episode 54

Writer: Chris Levinson and Zack Estrin
Director: Allen Kroeker
Air Date: 1/18/01, 5/24/01, 8/23/01

Synopsis: When Prue and Phoebe are lured into a nightmarish alternate dimension by a seemingly evil ice cream man, the girls mistakenly help demons and endanger an innocent. They must return to reality to enlist the help of Piper and reconnect with their estranged father (James Read) to undo their fatal mistake.

"Blinded By The Whitelighter"
Episode 55

Writer: Nell Scovell
Director: David Straiton
Air Date: 1/25/01, 8/30/01

Synopsis: Prue, Phoebe and Piper go up against their most powerful opponent when an ancient warlock, capable of sucking the magical powers from his victims, begins systematically annihilating the witches of the world, but help from an interfering, ?by the book? ?Whitelighter? breeds animosity between Piper and Leo.

"Wrestling With Demons"
Episode 56

Writer: Joel Feigenbaum
Director: Sheryl J. Anderson
Air Date: 2/01/01, 5/17/01

Synopsis: When Prue discovers that one of her ex-boyfriends (Marco Sanchez) is being led down the path to becoming a demon, she, Piper and Phoebe risk their lives in an underworld wrestling ring to save his soul.

"Bride And Gloom"
Episode 57

Writer: William Schmidt
Director: Chris Long
Air Date: 2/08/01, 5/31/01

Synopsis: Phoebe and Piper are lured to the dark side and relish their new evil powers when a shapeshifting warlock tricks Prue into a shot-gun wedding in an effort to steal the Book of Shadows.

"The Good, The Bad And The Cursed"
Episode 58

Writer: Monica Breen & Alison Schapker
Director: Shannen Doherty
Air Date: 2/15/01, 9/06/01

Synopsis: Phoebe somehow becomes psychically and physically linked with the violent past of an Old West ghost town complete with horses, petticoats, cowboys and six-shooters and Prue must go back in time to save her sister from a horrifying fate.

"Just Harried"
Episode 59

Writer: Daniel Cerone
Director: Mel Damski
Air Date: 2/22/01, 6/14/01

Synopsis: Piper is praying for a demon-free wedding day, but Prue?s astral self has other plans as dreams take her into a wild world of no rules and responsibility that affect reality when the police arrest Prue on suspicion of murder.

"Death Takes A Halliwell"
Episode 60

Writer: Krista Vernoff
Director: Jon Par?
Air Date: 3/15/01, 6/21/01

Synopsis: Prue is tired of losing her battle to save innocents and in her effort to fight off the Angel of Death, she has to turn her back on a dying soul when she accepts that she can?t fight fate and reconciles with the death of her mother.

Episode 61

Writer: Chris Levinson & Zack Estrin
Director: David Straiton
Air Date: 3/22/01

Synopsis: Now that Piper and Leo are married, Prue, Phoebe and Piper are faced with the possibility of being separated as the newlyweds plan to move out on their own, and the episode flashes back to an earlier time before the sisters knew they were the three most powerful witches the world has ever known.

"Sin Francisco"
Episode 62

Writer: Nell Scovell
Director: Joel Fiegenbaum
Air Date: 4/19/01

Synopsis: A demon wielding the seven deadly sins uses his powers against The Charmed Ones, and after only a few hours exposed to Greed, Pride, Envy, Anger, Gluttony, Lust and Sloth, Phoebe, Prue and Piper may self-destruct.

"The Demon Who Came In From The Cold"
Episode 63

Writer: Sheryl J. Anderson
Director: Anson Williams
Air Date: 4/26/01, 7/26/01

Synopsis: Cole officially joins the good fight when he goes undercover in an underworld brotherhood to help Prue, Phoebe, Piper and Leo learn more about the evil, but their trust in him falters when it looks as though they are being double-crossed.

"Exit Strategy"
Episode 64

Writer: Peter Hume & Daniel Cerone
Director: Joel Feigenbaum
Air Date: 5/03/01, 8/09/01

Synopsis: Phoebe is worried when her love, Cole stays undercover in a demon Brotherhood, but the danger turns dire when Cole?s old mentor plots to bring out his evil side and turn his massive powers on the Charmed Ones.

"Look Who's Barking"
Episode 65

Writer: Curtis Kheel, Monica Breen & Alison Schapker
Director: John Behring
Air Date: 5/10/01

Synopsis: When the Charmed Ones see visions of a Banshee demon, Prue is transformed into a dog to help them track it down. However, while ?Prujo? is injured after being hit by a car, Phoebe becomes the Banshee's newest target. Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) performs in the episode.

"All Hell Breaks Loose"
Episode 66

Writer: Brad Kern
Director: Shannen Doherty
Air Date: 5/17/01, 9/20/01

Synopsis: Chaos ensues when Prue, Phoebe and Piper are exposed on live television as witches. In their risky deal with the dark side to turn back time and reverse their sudden fame, each sister faces certain death at the cliffhanger end of the season finale.

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